If you’re a well-adjusted person who didn’t spend the weekend watching strange YouTube channels, you really missed out.

We recently discovered an interesting channel called “kiwami japan” which is creating knives out of some materials that you wouldn’t expect.

While there are many channels out there with a focus on making knives, this one has a uniquely Japanese flair that makes each video interesting outside of the strange premise.

In the most recent rice knife video, significant time is dedicated to the creation of a machine to continuously turn a jar, a machine made out of two rolling pins attached to a tray powered by a drill.

Combined with these oddities there are recurring gags, such as the presence of water jugs shaped like animals. It’s all a bit weird and it adds to the entertainment factor of seeing the knives being made.

Every video is also oddly calming, thanks to the lack of background music and only on-screen text to explain what’s going on.

We suggest starting with the jelly knife video embedded below. It’s got a “circle of life” thing going on where the materials used to make the knife are eventually melted down and returned to their original states.

If you’re hooked after that follow it up with the ice and adhesive knives.