Fans of roguelikes have another title to contend for their time today as Bunker Punks has its 1.0 launch.

This game is one part classic FPS a la original Doom, and one part base builder. The loop here is setting out on raids to kill enemies and gain resources, then returning to your bunker to make meta improvements.

There’s also procedurally generated levels but, at this point, it’s to be expected.

The game made a reasonable splash when it entered Early Access back in March of 2016, but its final release has been much more quiet.

That’s a real shame because it looks like developer Ninja Robot Dinosaur has been providing a steady stream of updates to the game.

This is one title we’ll be buying for ourselves despite being burned on the most recent contemporary in City of Brass.

If you’d also like to take a chance on this game – which currently has a “Very Positive” review status – you can buy it right now on Steam or Humble Bundle.

The base price of the game is $15 on both platforms, but Steam has it discounted to $12.74 for the launch week. Those prices are localised to R159 and R135.14 respectively if you’re shopping on Steam in South Africa.