Yesterday a crowdfunding campaign kicked off for the Atari VCS – an official console using the beloved Atari name.

The $100 000 goal was quickly achieved and, at the time of writing, is sitting at just over $2 million.

7 759 Backers have pledged money to get themselves this console, so what are they paying for?

The Atari VCS is a relatively small, Linux-based machine using AMD hardware. Inside there’s a Bristol Ridge APU combining an A10 CPU with a Radeon R7 GPU.

There’s also 4GB of DDR4 RAM and 32GB of storage that can be expanded.

This really isn’t the most powerful hardware, but it doesn’t need to be considering the low-impact classic Atari games that the console will ship with. Each console will apparently come with more than a hundred of these games.

For newer titles, Linux support has been getting better over the years but it’s never a guarantee that new games will support the OS. You’ll also have to manage your expectations for supported games given the hardware.

The console itself incorporates the classic fins and grill design of past hardware and, as an exclusive to the Indiegogo campaign, there’s even an option with a real wood insert.

The box has a bevy of ports including HDMI, Ethernet, and USB. There’s also Bluetooth to connect other controllers if you’re not a fan of these new ones.

The classic joystick also makes a comeback and, in addition to the single button, it looks like there are now home and back buttons. The joystick is being sold for $29 on its own.

For $49 you can get a more modern controller that works on the console, or you can pick up both options in a bundle for $59.

We won’t list all the prices and bundles to get the actual console, but the cheapest way to do so right now is a $199 early bird offer which includes the all black console sans controllers.

That real wood version is all the way at the highest tier of $339, but you are getting a joystick and a controller too. You can look over the campaign to choose a tier that suits you.

Shipping is offered worldwide but the estimated delivery date is July 2019, assuming there are no delays.

The campaign is set to run for an entire month, so there’s lots of time to get in. We can only imagine how much money it’s going to raise when it closes.

As with all crowdfunding stories we feel obliged to give you the standard warnings. You may never receive the product you’re pledging money towards, or you may receive something much later than intended with different specs to those promised.