LEGO DC Super-Villains is the newest game in the LEGO franchise which will be released on 16th October.

Yesterday we got a short trailer announcing the title which will let you play as the bad guys throughout the entire game, marking a change for this series.

From the video description, we know that this will be some kind of open world game where the Justice League has disappeared.

Speculation right now suggests that the story will borrow some elements from the Forever Evil story arc, which is backed up by the mention of the Crime Syndicate, called the “Justice Syndicate” in the game.

Pre-order incentives include a “TV series character pack” which will probably lift costume designs from the CW shows.

There’s also mention of a season pass (groan) but, oddly, no exclusive minifigure. It’s something of a tradition for LEGO games to include a physical, exclusive minifigure for pre-orders of the games. This could be coming in a later announcement, though.

Despite the box art for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One being so prevalent, this title is coming to PC as well.

Aside from the trailer, you can wait out the game’s release on the official site which also includes some artwork showing off new character designs.