One of the best games that launched last year and received relatively little attention was West of Loathing.

This turn-based comedy Western game isn’t much to look at with its simple art style and lack of colour, which may be why so many people passed over it when it launched on PC.

But now, like many other games, it’s been given a second chance on the Nintendo Switch where it just launched.

This title has been compared to The Stick of Truth, which is fair given the fact that both games have relatively shallow combat in exchange for a focus on the writing.

West of Loathing trumps the first South Park in our opinions, though. The writing is a bit more clever and there’s a lot more of it. You’ll be able to find a joke at every corner, even if they’re sometimes dad joke puns.

There’s also a hell of a lot to do, with almost everything on screen begging to be clicked on. Most of the time even the most mundane background items will have some interesting or funny text to go along with it.

There’s a lot of options here in how you can approach every mission and obstacle in your way. You can always just fight until everything dies, or you can choose some well-written dialogue to avoid combat.

Our only two problems lie with the fact that you can master the combat very quickly, and the end game can be a bit of chore.

It’s still well worth your time and money, especially because it’s priced so well. The Switch version is slightly cheaper than the one on Steam, with the South African pricing coming in at R118 and R120 respectively.