For a game that isn’t entirely multiplayer, Dying Light has had some of the best post-launch support of any modern game.

To recap all the content put out in the last year, the developers have released a video going over the ten pieces of DLC which have been added to the game.

These video updates usually come with a sale and that’s happened again this time. Unfortunately the discount isn’t directly Steam but Gemly, which is Techland’s own storefront.

It’s discounted to $19.97 (~R250.68) on there right now and it looks like the key activates on Steam. We love this game and it’s a great value at that price. It took us 33 hours to play through the base game recently, so even if you just do that you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

On top of that there are also hopes that developer Techland will be unveiling a new title in or around E3. There’s been some rumours that Dying Light 2 will be announced, but we’ll believe it when it happens.

While you wait for that you can sign up for Bad Blood, which is this game’s take on a battle royale. If a new game is announced soon we have to wonder why a new mode for the original game is still being worked on.

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