Open source software has become rather important in our connected world and Microsoft recognises this.

Not only did the software giant partner with Red Hat for its cloud services, but now rumours suggest Microsoft has acquired GitHub.

Sources familiar with the matter have told Bloomberg that Microsoft has acquired Github, with an announcement set to be made some time today.

GitHub touts a community of 27 million developers that access some 80 million code repositories. A number of huge companies including Google and Apple use GitHub to store code but Microsoft is among the site’s top contributors.

How much Microsoft paid for GitHub is unclear at this stage, but valuations for 2015 say the service was worth $2 billion.

That having been said the firm has been without a chief executive officer for nine months, suffered losses of $66 million in 2016 and made $98 million over nine months in the same year.

Sources add that one of the deciding factors that led to GitHub agreeing to the acquisition is Microsoft CEO Satya Nadela, who has been making a push for Microsoft developers to make use of more open-source technology.

At the time of writing, neither Microsoft nor GitHub has commented on the rumours but reports suggest an announcement will be issued today.

Anyone who has ever needed to write code, either professionally or in a school environment, will know the importance of this site and the invaluable help it can provide when you’re completely lost.  We hope it is treated well if this rumour proves to be true.


[Image – CC BY 2.0 bfishadow]
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