If you somehow weren’t disappointed with the announcement of Nintendo Switch Switch Online, you can now pre-order the service.

Yes, for some unknown reason Amazon UK and Amazon Germany are now offering pre-orders for 3-month and 12-month subscriptions, as picked up by Nintendo Everything.

The listings do specify “download code” but we’re not sure if that means a physical card with the code printed on it, or a simple email with the code inside.

If it’s the latter the situation is even more inane as physical cards could actually sell out, and maybe some people want to buy them as gifts right as they launch.

The only other reason we could think of is that maybe you can spoof the system to get your subscription cheaper than whatever it’s being offered for in your region.

The listings do specify that they’re restricted to their specific countries, but there’s simple workarounds for that. Even though the Nintendo Switch is region free, you may want to have an account from one region with the cheaper subscription from another.

But that is conjecture and we still don’t understand why this pre-order exists. There is a release date listed as 30th September, but that is probably a placeholder as the service launches 1st September.

The simplest answer is that Amazon has a procedure for certain products receiving pre-order pages, and these cards and / or codes fall into that.

You could have a larger discussion about pre-order culture and Nintendo’s very lacking online services, but this is probably just another stupid thing that happened on the internet.