While all the big publishers are showing off their new software at E3, the people behind the Cyanide & Happiness webcomic have just announced a game.

Rapture Rejects is an isometric game and, you may be tired of hearing this, it’s a battle royale too.

It promises games of 100 players in each match with the winner getting to ascend to heaven, as the rapture is a central part of the theme.

It features the artstyle which the comics are known for, but is closer to the animations which have been appearing on the Explosm channel for some time now.

“Explosm” is the name of the¬†Cyanide & Happiness website and it was co-opted as the channel name too. At the beginning of the trailer below you’ll see “Explosm Games” pop up to, so this seems to some kind of catchall name for the brand.

tinyBuild is the publisher for this game with Galvanic Games listed as another developer. The three parties have Rapture Rejects slated for a “2018-ish” launch.

Those who want to play sooner than that can sign up for an alpha on the official website. There’s no date for the alpha right now but the Steam page is up for you to peruse.