Last night Ubisoft showed us what it was working on, releasing and planning to release in the future at its E3 conference.

After an intro which showcased Just Dance 2019 by way of a dancing panda, Ubisoft wasted no time in showing off how far along Beyond Good and Evil 2 is.

In short, the game is coming along rather nicely. Players will take on the role of a space pirate captain and travel the stars in a prequel to Beyond Good and Evil. Take a look at the cinematic trailer we’ve embedded below.

We know it’s just cinematic but we did also see a few moments of gameplay during the presentation.

Ubisoft’s plans for this game are gargantuan which is why the firm has issued a call to creators to make original artwork and music that will be featured in the game.

And no, Ubisoft won’t pay you in “exposure”, you will get paid in real money for your work should it make it into the final game.

This is made possible by the involvement of Joseph Gordon Levitt and his online platform HitRecord.

HitRecord is a space where creators can submit original content for various projects. If that creator’s work gets used in the project, they get paid. Very simple but also very cool.

To date, HitRecord has paid out $2.6 million to musicians, writers, artists and more.

For Beyond Good and Evil 2, HitRecord has $50 000 set aside for content that is submitted to Ubisoft Montpellier.

It’s different to how HitRecord projects usually work where creators get a slice of the profits but, because HitRecord is only involved in a part of the project, those rules don’t apply here.

This is a great initiative because anybody from anywhere in the world can submit their creations for a chance to have it featured in the final game. To us, that means that at the very least Beyond Good and Evil 2 will have a world filled with art and music from a variety of people around our world.

To find out more about the how you can contribute to the world of Beyond Good and Evil 2 head to HitRecord and pick a project you can contribute to. We also urge you to check out this playlist of videos which includes details about payment and a Beyond Good and Evil 2 world overview.


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