By the end of 2018 research group NewZoo predicts the esports economy will grow 38 percent year-on-year to be worth $905 million. The biggest chunk of that figure is said to come from sponsorship and investments which will reportedly generate $694 million throughout the year.

Esports teams depend heavily on sponsorship deals to secure gear, salaries, travel budgets and more and having to shop around for sponsors for an esports team is an arduous process.

As a gaming brand MSI has really come to the esports party for teams.

Cloud 9

The brand has been involved with esports since as far back as 2008 giving MSI valuable insight into what esports players want and need, whether they are gaming casually at home or competing at the highest level.

Today MSI sponsors 15 professional esports teams from around the world including fan favourites Fnatic, Cloud 9 and Vega. Here in South Africa MSI has recently announced it will be backing Energy Esports.

MSI offers sponsorship that covers a wide scope of needs for professional gamers. The brand provides gear, peripherals and even covers travel costs in some cases. This means that teams backed by MSI can focus on the most important aspect of esports – playing the game as well as they can. One of the key benefits MSI gets in return, is that it gains invaluable insight not only into what players need but what these players can teach them.

While MSI invests heavily in research and development it also needs to be able to field-test products to make sure they follow MSI’s high standards of quality and performance. Having access feedback from a number of professional gamers that rely on MSI equipment is invaluable to MSI.

Whether MSI is getting feedback on which graphics card pairs best with a 144Hz display for a new notebook or how well MSI’s CoolerBoost 5 performs in hot environments, partnering with gamers just makes sense.


And for those of us that aren’t professional gamers this cycle of research and development means that when MSI products hit the shelves whether it be a notebook with SLI GPUs or a simple mouse, you are getting the best value for money.

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