Micro-documentary YouTube channel Great Big Story just released another fast feature, this time around robots used for disaster relief.

It focuses on Doctor Robin Murphy of Texas A&M and the story of these machines from an idea in 1995 (after the Oklahoma City bombing) to their uses today.

Murphy and her team have supplied robots for 28 different disasters all around the world, which means that their work may be the first thing you see when things go wrong.

Another interesting topic brought up here is Disaster City – a testing ground for search and rescue that can mimic the conditions of a few different emergency situations.

This is really one of the Great Big Story videos that we wish were longer. The flying drones with protective cages look especially interesting. The faculty page for Murphy has some extra information and links for further reading, if you want to look into such things.

Coincidentally, the last time we featured a video from this channel, it was also for a video about robots. Instead of disaster relief, it was the Japanese sumo variety.