Since President Cyril Ramaphosa mentioned it during his State of the Nation Address earlier this year, land expropriation without compensation has been found at the centre of rigorous debate among South Africans.

As yet, Parliament has not decided on the way forward but it will debate how to redistribute land that might see amendments to section 25 of the constitution.

At the moment that section of the constitution allows for a “willing buyer willing seller” model but its thought that this model is hindering land reform.

Indeed, while land reform is a necessity in South Africa, President Ramaphosa noted that it must be implemented in a way the increases agricultural production and improves food security for all. Above all else however, the amendments should see land returned to those it was stolen from during the colonisation of South Africa and Apartheid which followed.

Right now the Joint Constitutional Review Committee is calling for written public comments on this matter and, as you might imagine, it’s a rather complex topic. To complicate things further, there’s are just two days left to submit comments.

The trouble is where do you start when it comes to commenting on something constitutional?

The folks at OpenUp and Parliamentary Monitoring Group have created a tool that helps you compile your thoughts into an email. is simple to understand and contains links to the motion that was put before parliament as well an explanation of section 25 in its current form. These documents give you a better understanding of what the current state of affairs is and what government wants to debate.

Once you’ve read the documents you can then explain how land expropriation without compensation would affect you.

The second question (and only other question you have to answer by typing) is rather interesting because you’re asked to either explain how section 25 could be changed – if you think that section is a barrier to transforming Apartheid land inequality – or how you would fast-track land reform if you don’t think section 25 is a barrier.

Whether you are for or against land expropriation without compensation you should be submitting your comments to the Joint Constitutional Review Committee and is an easy way to get involved.


[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]