Co-opting existing case designs for the Raspberry Pi is a popular way to make yourself a unique enclosure, and now we’ve seen it done with an external GPU housing.

After maker Félix García bought an Omen Accelerator, he knew he wanted to use the design for other things, so the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B running OctoPrint for his 3D printers was about to get a new home.

After not being able to find the design online, García began to recreate it in SketchUp. It only took around three hours to complete with a few revisions and redesigns along the way.

Printing took five hours at 0.2mm layer height and 25% infill, using up 90 grams of filament.

To avoid painting, black, natural and red PLA was used. Aside from the plastic and the Pi, a few extra components are needed. The small window on the side, for example, can be glass, acrylic, or anything else you have available.

Then screws intended for hard drives were used to fix the board to the print, and the front panel was attached with magnets giving you easy access to the internals.

At 6.3 X 6.3 x 10 centimetres there is a lot of extra room inside of the enclosure, which you can fill with more hardware.

The files to print your own scaled down Omen Accelerator are available for free on Thingiverse.

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