Late last year AMD Radeon Technologies boss Raja Koduri left Team Red and soon after that announced he would be working at Intel. As Koduri was the lead on AMD’s GPU division, the tech world speculated that Intel had a secret GPU play.

At Computex earlier this month Intel showed off new CPUs and while some folks (namely Brett from the local tech YouTube channel UFD Tech) did spot a GPU with an Intel shroud, there was no official word of an Intel GPU.

That changed today when Intel sent out a tweet confirming it would be releasing its first discrete GPU in 2020.

Ahead of Intel’s tweet, MarketWatch reported this news adding that Intel would be creating graphics chips for data centre and client applications. That means we’ll more than likely see graphics cards designed for AI, machine learning and perhaps self-driving vehicles as well as cards for designers, content creators and gamers.

While Intel enjoyed market dominance for a number of years AMD has begun flexing its muscle and has started to offer consumers real value for money.

Sure, AMD might not have the enterprise/data center market cornered like Intel does, but more and more applications require GPUs and not CPUs and that space is dominated by AMD and Nvidia.

One thing we’re hopeful of is that another player in the market stirs up competition even more. We now sit in anticipation for more news..