After the Nintendo Switch was first shown to the public people started to notice that the Joy-Con controllers look like a face, specifically one of dog.

You can see it more clearly in pieces of art like this, which acted as the inspiration for today’s print –  a display stand for the controllers when they’re slotted into the comfort grip.

Maker “3Dutchie” created this print in Tinkercad using two different models as the base: the body of a dog and the tongue from a Rick and Morty mask. This process took around four hours, but we were told that three hours were spent learning the software.

Printing for a single stand took around six hours at 0.2mm layer height and 10% infill. Ten different stands were printed as gifts for friends in various colours, and you can see a few of them on this page.

We think black works the best as it fits in with the colour of the grip, but you can print it to match your Joy-Cons or any of those dbrand skins.

Each stand is around 8 X 10 X 10 centimetres and prints come out in two parts that require a bit of glue to stick together.

The files to make your own are available for free from Thingiverse.

While we’ve seen this idea done before – even before the launch of the console – this is our favourite implementation to date.

We hope someone takes it and adds in functionality such as charging. Running a wire through the print to power up the charging grip would be one way to do it.

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