In something of an obscure print today, the Hawt Dawg Man character from Life is Strange has been turned into a charming little desk toy, made even better if you give it a balloon.

Maker Jason Roberts started this model in 3ds Max, creating the basic shape, and then moved it into Mudbox to add the details. As this was his first time using Mudbox, the six hours taken to complete it are slightly inflated.

Printing took around 12 hours at 0.1mm layer height, resulting in a Hawt Dawg Man standing around 20 centimetres tall.

To keep it steady there’s a base eight centimetres in diameter, but it’s a separate file you can exclude if you want to.

After removing the supports Roberts started the finishing process with some rough sandpaper, followed by filler spray paint, and then a slightly finer sandpaper.

With everything nice and smooth, a base of semi-gloss red/orange was applied for that authentic hot dog colour. The rest of the details were hand-painted with acrylics with a single, thick coat.

No shading was needed here to get that cartoon looks, so there’s less work when it comes to painting if you decide to make your own.

To do that start with the files available for free from Thingiverse. Aside from filament, sandpaper, and paint, you’ll also need a balloon to complete the look here.

Roberts used the best match to the one in Life is Strange that he could find at a local grocery store.

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