The Cadbury Martian mascots have returned for another round of weird chocolate promotions in South Africa, this time with an augmented reality (AR) twist.

The company has released four new types of chocolates – slabs based on their existing 5Star, Astro, Crunchie and P.S. bars – that can be scanned into an app.

Each slab corresponds to one of the Martians which will then appear on your screen, overlayed in the real world. The app is available right now on Android but we couldn’t track it down for iOS. We can only assume it’s taking a bit longer for Apple to approve it.

If AR isn’t your thing, you can also get physical representations of the Martians. The new slabs, along with certain other chocolates with the advertising on them, all come with stickers.

Get four of the stickers, attach them to a pamphlet given out in certain stores, and you get yourself a figurine.

This isn’t the first time an AR app has been used for a promotion in South Africa. Most recently Pick n Pay went this route with their Super Animals 2 campaign which worked much in the same way – scanning cards from their stores to see animals.

Sea Monster Entertainment was responsible for the Pick n Pay apps, but Fuzzy Logic Studio developed the Cadbury Martian app. Both companies are based in South Africa, and it’s nice to see local talent being used by an international brand.

Local pride, AR and aliens aside, we’re just happy that there’s new chocolate to try out.