After building a Hulkbuster, Colin Furze returns to once again prove that he must be in the running for best father ever.

Unlike that previous project, which required a lot of complicated mechatronics, this one is much simpler: strap an EDF motor to his son’s scooter for those morning school runs.

This involved a lot of 3D printing to make custom housings for the engine and its battery. With limited space on the scooter, these housings fit around the bar that the handle is attached to.

To make things a bit safer the entire mechanism is remotely controlled by Furze to avoid his son going a bit too fast.

If all of that sounds dangerous for a young kid, it really doesn’t look that way. Despite the loud noise the engine produces, it doesn’t look to be going much faster than the store-bought electric scooters which use motors.

For something a bit┬ástronger you’ll have to wait for a future video, where Furze promises to marry a scratch-built scooter with a gas powered turbo.

If you just can’t wait for that, Furze’s channel is full of slower vehicles given an upgrade. Ever wondered what a jet bicycle would look like? What about a mobility scooter that can hit highway speeds? Or maybe even a bumper car with 100 horsepower?