Samsung Electronics has announced that it will begin to increase the amount of renewable energy it uses in its operations.

By 2020 the company hopes to have all of its factories, office buildings, and operational facilities in the US, Europe, and China running on renewable energy.

This journey towards greater reliance on renewables will begin in South Korea.

Samsung has said that it will begin installing 42 000 square metres of solar panels at its headquarters Samsung Digital City in Suwon this year, with plans to install 21 000 square meters of solar arrays and geothermal power generation at its Pyeongtaek campus next year and the Hwaseong campus in 2020.

With these and other measures in place Samsung expects to be generating as much energy from renewables as a 3.1GW solar plant by 2020.

Starting in 2019 Samsung will also work with its top 100 partner companies to help them set their own renewable energy targets.

While we commend Samsung Electronics for its efforts it’s hard not to draw comparison to Apple which revealed earlier this year that all of its facilities now run on clean energy.

That isn’t just in a few territories either, Apple’s retail stores, offices, data centers and co-located facilities in 43 countries are all running on clean energy.

That having been said we commend large firms for acknowledging the role they have in saving the environment.


[Image – Samsung]