LEGO’s Architecture line recently did something a bit different with set 21042: Statue of Liberty, ditching the buildings and skylines the theme is known for.

While the set was generally well-received for its imposing size (coming in at 44 centimetres tall) and impressive amount of detail, one area fell flat, literally.

The face of this build is comprised of a single, flat tile LEGO piece with no detailing to speak of. While concessions like this are sometimes necessary in LEGO sets, one person wasn’t going to have it.

That person is Jason Allemann, a titan in the hobby. Despite not working for the company, he will soon have two LEGO sets to his name thanks to the LEGO Ideas platform.

Instead of simply building a new face with his vast collection of bricks, Allemann did something much more clever – he used only the pieces included in the box to add in some facial features.

Aside from being great for people with no spare bricks to their name, this is especially important as the main colour of this set – sand green – is difficult to come by.

He’s showed how this is possible in a handy video tutorial:

The Sisyphus build that Allemann talks about is another one of his custom creations. This has gained something of a cult following thanks to Adam Savage building his own version of it.

If you’re now itching to buy this set, it has already been released and you should be able to track it down easily. The RRP is £89.99 / $119.99 / €99.99 depending on where you live.

For us in South Africa, the set became available over the weekend. The cheapest price we found for it is Raru for R1 715. We also saw it at certain brick and mortar stores for R1 999.

Given that South African sets are usually priced in accordance to their USD prices, even the more expensive option here is within what we usually expect to pay, once you add in the extra amount of local taxes and duties.