YouTube’s suggestion algorithm gets a lot of valid criticism from every side, but sometimes it works perfectly and suggests a great channel like brutalmoose.

Instead of the old PC games the channel is known for, YouTube instead suggested the most recent video from last year that focused on food.

The Kid Cuisine – TV Dinner Reviews is once again proof that anything can make good entertainment with the right host and editing.

Ian, the man behind brutalmoose, nails both of those with very entertaining commentary and a unique editing style which oozes effort and humour.

With a recent episode of “brutalfoods” now making an even dozen in this series, we thought now would be a good time to suggest this channel to you in what’s becoming a series of such stories.

Strangely, the last time we did this, it was also about a channel based in the kitchen. “kiwami japan” makes functional knives out of ice, jelly and more.

To start you off with brutalmoose we do suggest starting with the Kid Cuisine video and working your way through the playlist.

Aside from reviewing these types of foods, Ian also breaks out strange cookbooks and tries to replicate their recipes despite being so inexperienced. The video about penguins made out of popcorn is our favourite.

With any luck we’ll coerce Ian into appearing in our series of interviews with YouTube content creators. We’ve got eleven so far, and maybe Ian will be the twelfth.