Fake-news-before-fake-news-was-cool website The Onion has finally branched out from soft hitting news into the social media realm with “Onion Social”.

Launched yesterday, Onion Social already claims to have already have 21 billion registered users and no terms of use save for “have fun”.

We took a look around Onion Social and, as to be expected from The Onion, it’s an expertly crafted joke. There are three main parts to click around and laugh at, each surprisingly long and detailed.

The first is the sign up process. No simple email address and password here, oh no, there’s 37 separate fields you need to fill out.

A trio includes: first name of the person to whom you lost your virginity (mandatory), middle name of the person to whom you lost your virginity (optional) and last name of the person to whom you lost your virginity (also mandatory).

Unfortunately for us, after filling out every question, we got this message:

The next part is a staggering nine-page tour of how Onion Social would look if it was real, which it totally is.  Here you can see how you can instantly donate $100 to the site, and a dedicated button for doxxing people.

Finally there’s the FAQ section where you can learn a lot, like how to start the process of deleting your Facebook account.

While Onion Social is just a parody of real social media sites, we wish it did have some kind of integration into actual websites. That 37-part sign up, for example, could have been filled out and then shared.

While we know that certain questions would have caused a row (one questions asks you which hate group you partake in) it would have been great to see the internet’s comedians come up with the snarkiest responses.