Another game has made the jump from the phone to the Nintendo Switch in Shadowgun Legends.

Announced for the console recently, Shadowgun Legends looks a lot like a mobile Destiny with raids, PVP, and alien enemies to shoot up with looted guns.

Developer Madfinger Games claims that there will be 200 missions across four unique planets as well as “unprecedented level of graphical quality at 60 FPS”.

While the game is free on Android and iOS, we’re not sure what the price tag will be once it’s available on the Switch.

One mobile port we really enjoyed, Implosion – Never Lose Hope, is free on your phone but requires an upfront purchase on Nintendo’s hardware.

This game could even use the Paladins model where it launches as a paid product to become a founder, and then switch to F2P after that.

Regardless of the price we’ll be keeping an eye on this one as we’re always in the market for a new looter shooter, especially on the Switch.

One last interesting point to note about the game is Madfinger Games’ CEO stating that the game only required two days of work to get running on the Switch. Aside from being an impressive feat for the developers, it’s a very promising sign for games made in Unity and their potential futures on the Switch.