Coding is becoming more important as we become increasingly reliant on technology in our lives.

This extends into the working world as well where more and more firms recognise that knowing how to code and manipulate technology is valuable.

If you still think coding is a passing fad, even government thinks the time has come to bring coding into the classroom.

But while we wait for that, Think Ahead has announced that it will be hosting a series of camps for children in grades one to 10 during the upcoming school holidays.

In fact the camps will run from June through to August which is great news for families that may have already booked some time away for the June school holidays.

The camps will feature beginner courses for first time coders who will be using Apple’s coding language SWIFT to create apps, games, and anything their heart desires really.

There will also be a camp covering robotics for aspiring tinkerers.

Think Ahead will also be hosting a YouTube academy programme where it will unpack what it takes to be the next famous creator and how to maintain a channel.

Then, the organisation will also be hosting #GirlCodeFriday which – as you might imagine from the name – is geared towards girl coders. The aim of this programme is to inspire girls to consider coding as a career path.

All the camps will be hosted at the Think Ahead Futurespace situated at 1 Sandton Drive in Johannesburg. If that location sounds familiar that’s because it’s also the location of the iStore.

All the camps are one day events which run from 9am to 1pm. The cost of a camp is R350 which includes the programme, a light snack and a certificate.

Think Ahead has told us that children should bring along an iPad so that they can continue coding when they go home but there will slates available for kids that don’t have their own.

This is a fantastic initiative from Think Ahead and if your child is showing an interest in tech this might be a great way to introduce them to a more technical side of things. If you think it’s too early to get your child learning to code remember Bill Gates wrote his first software programme at age 13.

You can find the details of each camp in the links below. The first camps start on 25th June.

Grades 1 – 3

Grades 4 – 7

Grades 8 – 10

For more information you can contact [email protected]

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]