When Vermintide 2 launched on PC in in March of this year there was talk of ports for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

We now have confirmation of that Xbox One version thanks to a reveal trailer. You and three friends will be slaying the hordes of ratmen and Chaos warriors from 11th July 2018.

If waiting less than a month is too much for you, don’t fret as the open beta is available for download right now.

The plan is for the beta to run right up until the full release but developers Fatshark state that it may need to be taken down for maintenance.

That same statement also gives hope to PlayStation 4 players: that version of the game is being worked on, but they don’t have any specific dates to share yet.

When we reviewed the PC version of Vermintide 2 we had a lot of fun despite an array of bugs and irritations. Since launch we’ve seen a variety of patches being worked into the game, and there’s been a recent content update.

The game may be approaching the point where we can suggest it to anyone, even those outside of the Warhammer / 40K fandom, but we’d like to see the game’s roadmap updated before we do that.

For now, having played in the PC beta and the final game, we can confirm that the slice you get to try before launch is very representative of the full experience. Go try it for free to see if it suits you.