Another third party creation for the Nintendo Switch has run a successful Kickstarter campaign, and it’s called the Flip Grip.

As you may have guessed from the name its an adaptor design to turn the screen of the console into a vertical orientation while playing in handheld mode.

In the pitch video embedded below you’ll see that a lot of thought was put into a seemingly simple product. The Switch’s ports and heat dissipation are the biggest obstacles that needed to be overcome, and it looks like they may have done it.

Fangamer, the company behind the Flip Grip, claims that the game cart, audio jack and kickstad / SD card slot are all accessible here. They also claim that there’s “no appreciable difference” in the temperature with and without the grip installed.

On thing you can’t do while using this grip, however, is charge the Nintendo Switch. This is said to be a necessary inclusion to keep the console from running at higher temperatures.

The biggest claim we have a problem with is that the Flip Grip is “stronger and more affordable than anything you could 3D print on your own.”

While we don’t believe this to be accurate for everyone, especially hobbyists, we do see how it would be much better for those with less time or patience to make it yourself.


For $12 you can buy a single Flip Grip shipped anywhere in the world for an estimated November 2018 release. The only other pledge level is two Flip Grips for $24.

The campaign has 17 days to go but is already funded. At the time of writing 2 939 backers have pledged $49 764 which surpasses the original goal of $42 500.

You can check out the campaign page to see if it’s something you’d like to contribute money towards. Also see the middle of the page for a current list of games that supports vertical modes. We count 21 games out already with 7 more on the way.

Another interesting function of the grip not mentioned in the video is the ability to use it in tabletop mode. As you can see in this demonstration image below a small plastic insert (Fangamer actually suggests using a credit card) props the Switch up in the desired orientation.

We have no idea how sturdy this is, but it is another painful reminder that the stock stand on the Switch is extremely weak. We can’t help but imagine that a better-designed stand could have allowed the Switch to do this right out of the box.

As with all crowdfunding, even for these relatively simple projects, we have to provide some warnings. There’s no guarantee that you’ll receive anything after handing over your money, and what you receive may not be what you paid for. Don’t spend anything you’re not willing to lose.