Microsoft and Nintendo have developed a firm friendship, at least that’s what it looks like from where we’re sitting.

The bond first appeared following the release of Fortnite on Switch. You may recall that players who used an Epic Games account on a PlayStation 4 were unable to use the same account for playing on the Nintendo Switch.

That problem wasn’t present on any other platform and Microsoft didn’t miss a beat in making that public knowledge.

But the shade has not abated.

Yesterday an update for Minecraft on Switch enabled cross-play between PC, Xbox One and even smartphones. Sony is notably absent from the line-up.

Not enough? Nintendo didn’t think so either.

The firm published an advert promoting its new found friendship which featured an Xbox and Switch user beside each other doing Minecraft things.

While it’s bizarre to see two competitors side by side in the same advert it’s also a sign of the times. Folks want to play games with each other and so long as your platform of choice is capable of playing the game there’s no reason they can’t all play together.

Sony has remained silent on cross-play since the Fortnite fiasco. True, the firm did issue a statement but it was more a chance for it to boast about player numbers than address the issue.

The real winner of E3 then appears to be players who own an Xbox, Switch, PC or smartphone because while Sony might have Death Stranding, Microsoft and Nintendo are promoting friendship and that’s just cooler.