Most of the 3D prints we see from Skyrim take the form of wearable armour or 1:1 weaponry, but now one of the game’s enemies has its own scaled down miniature.

Maker Jevin Kachelmuss has created this version of the Draugr Overlord that stands about 13″ (33 centimetres) tall and is immaculately detailed.

He tells us that the project started off not as a Draugr or any kind of Elder Scrolls character, but instead as a generic skeleton. From here the armour pieces were added in using 3ds Max with the total modelling time coming in at around 10 hours.

Printing took 23 hours – 10 for the skeleton and 13 for the armour, but that only constitutes a small portion of the around 90 hours that went into the finished project you see on this page.

That’s because, aside from the great paint job here that makes it look so authentic, the Draugr needed some decaying flesh and muscle to make it more than a skeleton with some metal plate stuck to it.

Kachelmuss crafted this by hand using cotton swabs and liquid latex for the muscles with tissue paper skin on top of that.

While you can download the printed parts for free from Thingiverse, we have been told that there are no plans to include the muscle and skin into the files.

That means that you’ll either have to try your hand and doing it yourself using the accompanying build video, or you’ll have to break out your CAD programme of choice and add it in there.

Regardless of how you decide to challenge this build, remember to make a base to keep it upright. The one used here is 8″ (20 centimetres) in diameter and made out of foam and plastic. You should be able to find a printed version rather easily, however.

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