After a rocky start where servers were as responsive as a 3 000 year old rat encased in tree sap, the Steam Summer Sale 2018 kicked off on Thursday.

There are some decent bargains knocking around especially for relatively new AAA titles.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition has been given a 50 percent discount and is currently going for just R334.50. Assassin’s Creed Origins is also 50 percent off at R424.50.

And while those are great, it’s not pay day yet and we’re shopping on a budget. So we’ve tracked down 10 games that are currently going for less than R100 during the Steam Summer Sale.

Thankfully, if like us you are a cheapo and don’t want to spend money until the last second of the Steam Sale, these discounts are valid until the end of the sale.

A lot of these games might be old but if you haven’t played them yet now is a good time to get them on the cheap.

Naturally we can’t list all the game available for under R100 but you can head here to take a look at the cheaper side of the Steam Summer Sale.

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