Despite its pedigree and a bombastic showing at E3, you’d be forgiven for missing Devolver Digital’s latest game titled I Hate Running Backwards.

This game is a vertically scrolling shoot ’em up featuring playable characters, enemies and environments from past Devolver games.

If you ever wanted to kill Beheaded Kamikazes from Serious Sam while playing as Crystal from Nuclear Throne, this is the game to do it in.

This game’s gimmick is right there in the name. Instead of being at the bottom of the screen fighting enemies as they descend from the top, the player character is always at the top running backwards as enemies fill from the front.

This is a reference to the kiting and strafing done in many other games.

Unfortunately I Hate Running Backwards lacks that certain special sauce that makes Devolver games so distinctive. There’s nothing special or particularly engaging about the gameplay, art style, or the sound.

Luckily the developers have not abandoned the title as the MegaUpdate 1.1.0 has just been announced,

MegaUpdate 1.1.0 is free and available now with a huge list of additions as well as adjustments.

That full list can be found on Steam (the game is on PC only right now) but there are a few standouts.

New weapons and upgrades are some of the most important here. I Hate Running Backwards is mostly randomly generated and billed as a roguelike.

During our playthroughs of the games it was easy to see all the content in a relatively short amount of time, so this will go a long way towards making it more varied.

New models for certain playable characters have been added which does help the bland art style a bit, but isn’t too important given how zoomed out much of the game is.

The rest of the changes and additions are promising but we’re going to have to see a few more of these kinds of changes before we can recommend you buy it.

It is discounted right now for the 2018 Steam Summer Sale, but we can’t recommend it even to devout Devolver fans.