All the 3D prints from Destiny 2 that we’ve featured in the past have been 1:1 scale, and sometimes wearable, creations, but today we have something smaller for your desk or shelf.

This miniature version the Helm of Saint-14 measures in at just 30 X 20 X 18 centimetres and was created by Adrian Cicchini.

Like many prints from the series this one started life on the Destiny STL Generator and had to be edited before it could be printed.

That editing was done here in Wings 3D over the course of eight hours with two other models being scrapped before settling on this final version.

Printing took 20 hours each on a Zortrax M300. We say “each” because two of these were made to check the quality of the details such as the feathers and rivets.

Aside from the painting an extra bit of flare was added in with LEDs to mimic the glow seen in-game.

If you’d like to make your own Helm of Saint-14, the files are available for free from Thingiverse.

The version you see in the gallery below also has a base made out of aluminium. We’re sure you can duplicate this with a print and some metallic paints if you don’t have any of that around.

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