The htxt.africast returns this week with a big new addition: video.

Yes you’ve been listening to us for years, and now you can see us too.

This change comes, in part, thanks to a recent video production workshop we attended. You can read more about that in the list of links below, but you can also catch it as the middle section this week.

If you haven’t already subscribe to’s YouTube channel, or to one of our writera Brendyn Lotz, who will be editing these new videos.

Don’t worry, the audio-only version of the africast is still available to stream or download.

In our first segment we’re discussing the ASUS ROG Spatha mouse. After years of complaining that most gaming peripherals are too small, the Spatha has come in and showed us something sizeable.

Then in the final segment we talk about Prey: Mooncrash, a roguelike DLC for the 2017 game. Come here to learn why so many people are now afraid of moon sharks.

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