Semi-historically-accurate RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be receiving its first bit of extra content in July with the “From The Ashes” DLC.

In it the player character, Henry, is appointed the bailiff for the hamlet of Pribyslawitz. Here the player will now have the power to build a village from scratch and see what goes into the settlements from the rest of the game.

The very short trailer below shows off the settlement being built, Henry acting as a judge for a local row, and then Pribyslawitz prospering under your rule.

The official listing for the DLC (available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) explains these additions a bit more. Apparently each building will be unique with its own “upgrades, material and labour requirements”.

New horses will also be joining the game and there’s promise of the added buildings and facilities being usable to the player.

Right now we’re not sure what the price for this DLC but, judging from the fact that it has a separate Steam page, we don’t believe it will be free.

Despite a lot of hype around its crowdfunding and launch, Kingdom Come: Deliverance had a bit of a mixed reception. Some game-breaking bugs and unpopular design choices have since been worked on with a lot of free updates and patches.

This new content may be what is needed to sway some people and the 30% discount on the Steam Summer Sale 2018 helps too.

If you want to learn more about the game be sure to check out our interview with members of the team to learn how the game makes loot exciting without magic.