After years of remakes, expansions and boosters packs we thought we’d seen the last of The Binding of Isaac, but it has returned in a new form.

The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls is a physical card game for four people that launched a Kickstarter campaign yesterday.

As you may have guessed by the popularity of the game, the campaign was an instant success. The initial $50 000 goal was surpassed in 90 minutes, and it’s currently sitting at $478 498 at the time of writing.

To see how the game works you can watch the quick pitch video below for an overview, or a livestream of the prototype.

If either of those, or the pedigree of developer Edmund McMillen are enough to sway you, you’ll be pledging a minimum of $25 for the base game.

As you increase the amount of your pledges you get expansion packs for the games, special game boxes and even the opportunity to be in the game as a custom card.

The estimated delivery date for backers is November of this year. While the finished game is being shipped anywhere in the world, only the US will be getting it for free.

The past few weeks have been popular for big crowdfunding campaigns, it seems. Xenonauts 2 and a vertical grip for the Nintendo Switch have both raked in increasingly ridiculous amounts of cash .

As with all crowdfunding here’s your mandatory warning: you may never receive what you pay for, or what you receive may not be what you were expecting. Do not pledge anything you can’t afford to loose.