While vertical grips for the Nintendo Switch have always been talked about, the recent Kickstarter for the Flip Grip has everyone clamouring to make their own before it (hopefully) ships in November of this year.

YouTube Channel My Mate Vince has stepped up with a few solutions of its own. You may remember this channel for two separate DIY versions of a “Nintendo Switch XL”, so it’s not too surprising to see this.

The four different ideas all use off-the-shelf components or clever tricks such as blocking the contacts on the Joy-Cons so they can be attached to the unit without being paired.

The video does not touch on what many people see as the most obvious solution, that being 3D printing a grip that’s made for this purpose.

While that’s always an option, the ideas presented here require very little time or effort to implement and you may be able to do them right now with what you have at home.

If you have the type of games that benefit from a vertical screen, these variations can give you a feel of something like the Flip Grip before you buy it, or some other one you decide to print.