Samsung users won’t be able to level Bixby up anymore come August.

For those that aren’t aware, Samsung users can “level up” their personal assistant by interacting with it. As you earn levels you earn Samsung Reward Points which can be used to purchase background colours for Bixby or used to enter competitions for Samsung products.

Points can be earned by executing simple tasks like “Bixby set an alarm for 5am tomorrow” or “Bixby what is the Pi squared minus 15”, you know, everyday stuff.

To be clear Bixby isn’t going away it’s just the gamification side of things that is being closed off. Users will still be able to use background colours and earn rewards until 10th August when the leveling service shuts down.

Samsung’s goal with giving users levels to earn with its assistant was to get folks to use it. In the first few weeks of using a Samsung Galaxy S9 it worked, I was using Bixby for most things such as pulling up Maps or searching my phone for a contact.

When I reached Bixby level five however I sort of abandoned the personal assistant because, well it’s not very good when compared to Google Assistant which is baked into every Android phone, has oodles of data to draw from, and it has many more features.

For one thing, Google’s personal assistant is able to contextualise requests so if you say “OK Google, who is Taylor Swift” you can follow that up with “What’s her latest album” and Google will understand you’re still asking about Ms. Swift.

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