Third party accessory maker Nyko may beat Nintendo to the punch by making their own version of a Labo bar top arcade enclosure.

The Retro Arcade Kit for the Nintendo Switch just went live for pre-order on Amazon recently. Looking at the US listing and you’ll be paying $19.99 (~R274) for a 27th November release date.

As Amazon US officially ships to South Africa, you can take those details to heart, albeit with a bit extra tacked on.

We’ve heard a lot of good reports of Amazon delivering to the company at competitive rates, but it is up to the seller (Nyko themselves on Amazon) to make it available for us.

For your money you’re getting eight sheets of cardboard that you assemble into an enclosure. To add to these there are four sheets of stickers to add as decorations to the outside.

For controllers it also provides two arcade sticks to attach to the the existing Joy-Con thumbsticks as well as “relocation inserts” that allow you to reach the top SL and SR shoulder buttons.

While we do love this kit, it isn’t the only one on the market. While you’re on Amazon search for “Nintendo Switch Arcade” and you’ll find a lot of options already available.

Alternatively there’s always the 3D printing route. A while back we featured this great design that also incorporated a fan and a USB hub.