Purveyor of electronic personal transportation, Segway-Ninebot has announced a new mode of transportation in the e-skates.

Simply put these are electronic skates that contain Segway’s proven self balancing tech

“After roller skates, inline skates and other fun mobility products in the past, the next new trend is born in 2018: the e-Skates,” writes the firm in a press statement.

Now Segway-Ninebot has been rather coy with details about what its calling the Drift W1 but, from what we can see in the promo video (embedded below), the “next new trend” appears to be two independent skates that good looking millennials simply stand on. There are slip-resistance foot mats on each skate, sorry e-skate, and apparently they are light.

The firm will show the Drift W1 off at IFA 2018 in Berlin on 30th August so if the idea of skating or e-skating we suppose appeals to you, your name is likely Casey Niestat, but we’ll be sure to give you the information about this strange piece of tech then.


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