Clustertruck devs brave PUBG’s wrath with Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

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Seems like we’re entering the parody phase of the battle royale craze as a new title hits the market in Totally Accurate Battlegrounds.

This comes to us from Landfall who are best known for Clustertruck which, despite the name, is a really fun game.

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, which is abbreviated to TABG, obviously borrows a lot from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and even features a frying pan as a weapon.

Considering that the company behind PUBG has brought legal action against games using frying pans, and is currently suing Epic Games over Fortnite, we have to commend Landfall for attempting this.

We also have to commend them with the clever way in which they’re creating a playerbase. TABG is completely free to own forever for the first 100 hours after launch.

At the time of writing the game has been out for less than 10 hours, and we’re seeing a substantial amount of people flocking to it already.

We doubt this initial wave of hype will translate into a health playerbase over time, especially as this is considered a joke game right now, but it’s still something free and fun to do for an hour or so.

Go to the game’s Steam page to download it for free while it’s still available. The game is only a single gigabyte so you’ll be able to get into it quickly, which is exactly what we did.

We were not expecting the game to be this good. It sure looks very goofy, but it’s surprisingly confident.

There’s a nice shooting range (something PUBG still doesn’t have) where all the guns are available for you to use.

There are dozens of them to choose from and they’re more varied than your standard range of weapons. They’ve also included not one, but two different riot shields.

Ever since early Counter-Strike we’ve enjoyed any game that allows you to bring a shield into a gunfight, so TABG has already won us over.

These weapons are astoundingly fun to use, with very beefy sound effect and ragdoll physics to accompany them. If the game was just the shooting range, we’d be satisfied.

Unfortunately, that’s all it is at the moment. We failed to get into an actual multiplayer match as we assume the servers are filled to the brim right now.

Aside from the shooting range you can mess around with a surprisingly deep character customiser. You can see our stately English-looking chap in the header image above.

Oh, and there’s a dedicated “gangsta” button, which turns your gun to the side while your character does a little beatbox.


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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