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The Xenonauts 2 Kickstarter is already fully funded

Another day another wildly successful Kickstarter as Xenonauts 2 blows past its funding goal after less than a day.

If you missed the first Xenonauts many consider it the true successor to Xcom after Firaxis Games reinvented the series with Enemy Unknown. Think of it as the Wasteland 2 to the first two Fallout games.

The campaign started yesterday with the oddly specific goal of $65 814. At the time of writing $84 034 has been pledged with that number ticking up every time we refresh the page.

The pitch video (embedded below) promises that Xenonauts 2 will be “deeper and more distinctive” than the first game with better use being made of the “Cold War with aliens” setting.

The cheapest way to get the game is at a £18 pledge level for a digital copy through Steam or GOG. This is a discount from what the full price will eventually be at £25.

Pledging £25 right now, however, will also get you into the beta set to go live in September of this year. The game is slated for a full release in November 2018 after that.

As you throw more money at developer Goldhawk Interactive, you can expected to get more rewards. Some of the most interesting options include being inserted into the game. For £200 an artist from the team will draw your portrait to be included in the game. At £500 you could have been written in as a character, but this reward is no longer available.

If you’d like to try this game before parting with any of your money, an alpha of the combat is available on GOG. You can also directly download it from Goldhawk Interactive, but note that clicking this link will automatically start a download.

As with all crowdfunding campaigns we have to warn that you may receive nothing for your money, or the product may not be what you were hoping for. Aside from trying the alpha we can also suggest picking up the first title and playing a bit of that to see if it’s the type of game you’d like.

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