Want to keep that R10k+ flagship phone safe from harm? A new invention from German engineering student Philip Frenzel is hoping to help you with that.

His creation does not have a name, but has been dubbed the “mobile airbag” by DesignBoom, which recently highlighted the innovative system.

The mobile airbag is enclosed within a regular phone case, and deploys eight prongs that unfurl and prevent the device from actually hitting the ground once dropped.

What makes this particular design impressive, is the fact that the mobile airbag is able to keep the smartphone’s screen from getting damaged, with Frenzel demonstrating how the prongs work when the prototype phone is dropped display side first.

With several hundred rands spent on screen protectors, warranties and repairs, the mobile airbag has the potential to end all that hassle.

Along with being tasked to keep smartphones safe from any perilous drops, the invention also scooped the German Mechatronic Prize for 2018.

According to Preview Online, Frenzel and fellow student Peter Mayer plan to launch a more polished version of the device on Kickstarter next month.

No mention of pricing at this stage, but given mankind’s propensity for dropping things, there is certainly a substantial market for the mobile airbag.


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