HTC has had a tough time of things over the past few years, with their Vive VR division proving the only promising aspect in an otherwise gloomy set of circumstances.

The situation does not appear to be getting much better, though, with HTC announcing that 1 500 employees will be cut from the company.

Their factories in Taiwan will shoulder most of the losses, with the 1 500 employees being laid off in order to cushion some of the blow in what what has been a lacklustre year financially.

The move has also been prompted in a bid to help boost profitability, but it’s unclear if it will have the desired effect, as a reduction in numbers by an estimated 22% will likely put more strain on its existing workforce.

Today’s announcement would also serve as the second significant shakeup for HTC in as many years. A large chunk of the company’s mobile division was absorbed by Google for roughly $1.1 billion to form part of its Pixel smartphone plans.

HTC responded to the Google switch by merging its mobile and VR divisions, and to since then have only released a handful of devices that garnered middling responses from consumers and reviewers alike, the most notable of which being the U12+.

Given the sharp decline that HTC’s mobile efforts have suffered in recent years, it seems like a question of when and not if the Taiwanese company will cut its smartphone losses altogether and focus solely on the virtual reality side of things, which remains a sector where they are performing strongly.


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