After several episodes focusing on politics, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver returned yesterday to discuss gene therapy.

If you thought this would be a less controversial topic, well prepare to hear about eugenics and designer children.

Yes it seems the Last Week Tonight team of writers does not shy away from the stuff you’re traditionally not supposed to bring up at dinner parties, all with the series’ signature charm and absurdity.

If you’ve ever wanted an animated storyboard of a rodent going on a Tinder date with a tick as a way to explain how lime disease spreads, well this show is for you.

If you enjoyed this segment make sure you subscribe to the official Last Week Tonight YouTube channel where, after every episode airing on TV, the main segment is uploaded online.

For something less official, check out the simply named Consumer channel. At almost the exact same time that the main segment goes up, this channel uploads the smaller segments which constitute the rest of the show.

Now we’re not bringing this up to promote piracy, but because we have a crackpot theory that someone inside of the Last Week Tonight writing room is operating this channel.

Aside from uploading the clips so fast, it also somehow manages to avoid copyright strikes on top of some other uploads which look and feel like something from the show.