While feature films from YouTube content creators are usually looked down upon, the movie from Ashens is an exception.

Ashens and the Quest For The GameChild originally released in 2013 and was, oddly, not hosted on Ashens’ own channel.

Recently it was removed from YouTube altogether, but it returned just yesterday to the rightful channel, so hopefully it will be there permanently.

To understand the premise of this movie you need to know a bit about Ashens and his unique content. If you’ve ever wanted to see tat, cheap food and knockoff consoles reviewed on a sofa, then Ashens is who you need to watch, because it makes up the bulk of his channel.

While this could be boring on its own, Ashens’ unique wit and charm is what makes it so fun to watch, and he brings that to this movie.

The “GameChild” referenced in the title is a Game Boy knockoff and serves as the central McGuffin in what’s billed as a comedy adventure.

While we do recommend the film, it can be a bit of a chore if you’re not a fan of Ashen’s humour. We suggest giving his channel a bit of watch before sitting down to see the movie.

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