Each year the world waits in anticipation for the latest and greatest smartphones to be released.

New cutting edge features are announced along with improvements to hardware but one thing always remains true – premium smartphones are very pricey.  True, many South Africans buy smartphones on a contract basis so rather than part with R15 000 in one shot, for a premium smartphone, they opt to pay it off over the required amount of months while also paying off interest.

But there is another option – budget smartphones.

While budget traditionally meant cheap and low on features a few years ago, technology has improved dramatically and cutting-edge features are filtering down to budget smartphones. These days it’s not uncommon to find a smartphone with LTE connectivity or a camera with a great sensor and more.

One such phone is the budget friendly Samsung J4 that happens to be packed with features and is sure to suit your pocket if you are looking for an affordable smartphone packed with some really great features.

Up to date

The Samsung Galaxy J4 ships with the latest version of Android – Android 8.0. While many budget smartphones are equipped with older Android operating systems, Samsung kits its Galaxy J4 with the latest OS.  This means that not only do users have access to the latest apps but they are also protected from the nasties lurking in the dark corners of the internet. Android 8.0 also makes it easier to navigate with streamlined menus.

Always connected

The Samsung Galaxy J4 is designed to keep you connected to your favourite instant messaging services and apps so long as you have access to an internet connection.  Its equipped with support for newer technologies such as LTE as well as older tech like HSPA and GSM so no matter where you happen to find yourself, your handset will be able to connect.

Then when you get home you can stream the latest Netflix series thanks to 802.11 b/g/n support. This means you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite movies and series in HD quality on the Galaxy J4’s 5.5inch display.

Battery life to keep you going and going

The Samsung Galaxy J4 comes equipped with an ample 3 000mAh battery that will give you up to 20 hours of talk time. What’s more, the battery is removable so you can keep a second battery charged for uninterrupted use.  It’s also a great feature to have should you ever need to replace the battery.

Capture moments so they last a lifetime

Of course the Samsung Galaxy J4 has a camera at the front and back. At the back is a 13MP snapper with autofocus and a f/1.9 aperture. This means that even in low light you’ll be able to capture moments and share them without worrying about the quality of your photo. For selfies there is a 5MP camera with a flash so you can capture your best side in the best light.

The Samsung Galaxy J4 is available from various local retailers, and for more information on how to own your very own Samsung Galaxy J4, go to www.samsung.com.


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