Android P is nearing closer to completion, with Google recently introducing beta 3 of the software for developers to try out.

The previous version of the beta included the finalised APIs and, according to Google, this variant is as close to the finished product that will debut later this year.

“Beta 3 now takes us very close to what you’ll see in the final version of Android P, due later this summer,” noted David Burke, Android’s VP of Engineering.

This iteration has done some fine tuning for the most part, addressing the usual batch of bug fixes, as well as tackling a handful of stability issues and a security update for this month.

Some of the features baked into this flavour of Android P are focused on different functions for display cutouts (screen notches), as well as making use of multi-lens camera setups.

As such, it looks like Android P will address some of the design trends we’ve seen in most of the flagship phones released in the past 10 months.

Beta 3 will not be available on all the latest Android devices, with Google giving Pixel smartphones owners first dibs, and other developers gaining access to the latest version in coming weeks.

Should one want to get an even more in-depth understanding of how developers are finding Android P, TechCrunch points out that a Reddit AMA will take place on 19 July, where a bunch of technical questions will be addressed.

The only details still missing from Google’s forthcoming mobile OS are its name, with suggestions like Popsicle and Peppermint still being bandied about, along with when it will be officially rolled out to consumers.