Africa’s neutral data centre provider, Teraco has announced that it will be investing as much as R1 billion into an expansion project at its Teraco Isando Campus (JB1).

The decision to expand capacity at JB1 was brought about by increased demand and uptake of cloud services by enterprise organisations the firm explained in a press statement.

“The Teraco platform allows enterprises to have direct private connections to all the leading cloud providers in the most latency efficient and resilient manner possible. Enterprises can deploy their public, private and hybrid cloud strategies from the Teraco platform, which allows for complete freedom of choice from a cloud provider perspective, as well as significantly reducing the time and cost for enterprises to access these cloud platforms,” says Teraco.

The expansion will happen in two phases. The first phase will see Teraco adding 2 000 server cabinets to the JB1 campus bringing total capacity to 5 700. The data centre will also have it’s floor space increased by 4 000 square metres bringing total floor space to a mind boggling 12 000 square meters.

Total power availability will also be increased to 80MW.

Snapshot of the planned expansion at JB1.

As one might expect, a project of this size will take some time to complete and Teraco says it expects the expansion project to be complete and ready for service in the third quarter of 2019.

“Teraco continues to invest significantly into the region’s ICT infrastructure and has built, what is now, Africa’s largest data centre. We take pride in our vendor neutral offering, with open access to interconnection and world class resilient data centre infrastructure for all our clients,” says chief financial officer at Teraco, Jan Hnzido.

It’s somewhat incredible to consider that shortly after launching its Riverfields hyperscale data centre in Bredell Teraco has to invest in yet more expansion. We’re not complaining though, cloud services and the data centres they rely on are fantastically useful for companies especially when it comes to saving money so this expansion is good news for local firms.