GPD, the company famous for creating handheld devices that run full versions of Windows 10, has finally released some new product shots of the unreleased Pocket 2.

As you may have guessed by the name this is the followup to their successful Pocket device which is targeted as a full laptop at a fraction of the size.

The tweet below, aside from featuring the broken English that we’ve come to expect from the account, shows off four new looks at the device.

That being said, these look like CGI renders to us and we’re not sure how close this version will be to the final design.

We first heard about the Pocket 2 around a month ago thanks to various sources such as The Phawx which got its hands on some early pictures and specifications.

Since then GPD has been rather silent leaking out small details such as these images.

The current rumours state that the Pocket 2 will be crowdfunded, much like the rest of GPD’s products. That campaign is slated for later this month, so we’ll just have to wait until then for final details, especially around internals and pricing.

One thing that seems certain, however, is that the mouse nub from the first Pocket is gone for good.

This has been a sticking point for many as it was so useful in the operation of the Pocket. We hope GPD has implemented some software to make navigation a bit easier.


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