Volkswagen is still trying to win back consumer confidence following its emissions fiasco back in 2015, with an intensified investment into electric vehicles (EVs) viewed as the best path forward.

To that end, VW has announced a new car-sharing initiative that it plans to launch in its native Germany next year. This is by no means a revolutionary announcement, with other European-based carmakers detailing similar plans during the past couple of years.

What makes this announcement particularly noteworthy is the fact that the entire fleet of vehicles that will be available to “share” will be electric, although it’s not mentioned how many different models will make up the fleet come 2019.

“We are convinced that the car sharing market still has potential… That is why we are entering this market with a holistic single-source concept covering all mobility needs from the short journey that takes just a few minutes to the long vacation trip,” added Jürgen Stackmann, Volkswagen’s board member for sales in a press statement.

From there, Volkswagen plans to expand the initiative’s rollout to other major cities across the globe, with the current earmarked metros set to include those in Europe, North America and Asia.

Unfortunately, Africa and the Middle East is not listed, which is a pity considering the strong following that the VW brand has in South Africa.


I.D Streetmate3 (left) and I.D Cityskater (right).

Along with four-wheeled vehicles, the company’s service is also set to introduce other mobility concepts to the mix.

Examples of this are the I.D Streetmate3 and I.D Cityskater, both of which are different variations on the e-scooter concept, and will use a mix of electric and rider-powered methods of getting around.

While the local infrastructure for electric vehicles is scant at best, there is certainly potential for mobility solutions like the above e-scooters.

Watch how VW’s e-Golf has changed things in Norway, which reportedly has the most number of electric cars in the world, in the video below.